June 22. 2008
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Welcome to Blackwallnut Jigs.com! Hopefully my site will have plenty to offer you whether you are a wood worker looking for project ideas or a sportsman looking for information, or even a rifle owner looking for custom checkering. This site has all of that and more.

My tenon jig is made to work on the Ryobi BT3 series of table saws attaching to the sliding miter table. My tenoning jig is pictured and detailed here.

My router fence will work on tables of most any design with several different options of attachment.

If you are interested in purchasing either or both please contact me at sales related email. If you are a member and regular poster at BT3Central.com include your "username" for a special discount.

My gallery includes information and plenty of pictures of many of my jigs and projects. All of the furniture was made with the use of my Ryobi BT3000 (BT3K) tablesaw. A slideshow containing pictures of the many and assorted furniture projects from my shop can be viewed here. If you are a resident of Washington, Idaho or Northern Oregon and are interested in purchasing any of my projects contact me.

A photo of a nice walleye is on my fishing page. More content will be added as I get photos

A tool test of MLCS's Marvel 60 router might be a page worth reading if you are in the market for a higher horsepower router for your shop.

My links and acknowledgments page has links of interest to me and a "Thank You" and notations on where I got some of the cool stuff in regards to developing this site.

Thank you for viewing my site and hopefully you have found at least one thing of interest to YOU!