August 28. 2004
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Pistol Box

click for full view pbi.JPG pbh.JPG

This box is what is needed for competitive Bullseye" pistol shooting. I used 3/4" birch plywood for the top and bottom and 1/2" baltic birch plywood for the rest of the case. It is held together with dovetails and glued. The aluminum edging is just for protection. I constructed and designed it after looking at a few different samples. Most of the demensions are the result of what my needs are. The area below the pull out pistol tray is sized to hold not only ammo in boxes but also my spotting scope. The upper tool tray is set up for the tools I need. There are several different brands of similar Pistol boxes currently on the market and occasionally you may find one on Ebay. I may be interested in custom building one for you just email Me here for information. Include your area code so that I may be able to figure shipping costs.

image pbe.JPG This view shows the box open.

For the lid to open flat onto the top the handle has to be recessed image pbc.JPG

pbf.JPG As mentioned earlier this upper tray has dividers sized to fit the assorted tools which I carry when going shooting.

This view shows the under shelf ammo storage area. Notice the custom made latch strike plates. pbg.JPG

pbb.JPG This view shows the latch open. These are available at Rockler's I Try to buy most of my specialty hardware through Rockler's because they help support Sam Conder's BT3Central, but only if you buy online and also if you get there via the link on Sam's site.