September 30. 2006
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"Before using any power tools lets take a moment to talk about shop safety..." these word are familiar to woodworkers and viewers of PBS all over the country. Shop safety is serious stuff. I've had my share of close calls while working out in the wood shed (term borrowed from a friend down under). In the late winter I was working on my toolcart when I had a kickback of sorts.


The above picture shows the end result: one ruined panel and not shown is my better awareness of what can go wrong when working with power tools. Please for your own safety read, understand, and follow all of the safety rules which come with your power tools.

Now for the projects:

Most all of my projects start out as an idea in my head. A solution to a need or a want if you will. I take the idea and put it down on paper and then for larger projects I spen time on my computer using Cutlist Plus, a computer program which generates layout diagrams for sheet stock...err plywood for you folks that are just browsing these pages. A freeware trial version is available here. Once I have my plan it's off to the lumber store. Usually either Home Depot in Yakima, WA or Windsor Plywood in Spokane, WA. Windsor being my first choice if I need hardwood or hardwood plywood, such as oak ply.Thanks to my Dad for giving me a "heads up" about this place. After getting all of the raw materials it's time to fire up my tablesaw. I own a Ryobi BT3000 Precision wood cutting system.

This picture shows my BT3K from the side. bt3k.jpg
routerfencea.jpg After all of the pieces are cut to size I fire up my router station.
Once everything is cut and milled to final shape and size it's off to my cupboard for my glue and My clamprack for clamps. clamprack.jpg

Shop Cupboard

This cupboard is another project of mine, built winter 2002. It features adjustable sheves, face-frame construction and raised panel, rabbeted doors.
Closed View
Open View
Door Detail


This cart was made to hold most of my wood working tools in one nice tidy place. After a years time it still is a "work in progress". I need to add edging to all of the exposed plywood surfaces and put a few coats of clear polyurethane on it.

As with my other recent projects the
drawers feature dovetail construction.