October 1. 2006
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workbench.JPGclick to enlarge.

This work desk is the final result of no less than 3 total redesigns. Last major changes were accomplished in 2000. This article deals mostly with just the top storage portion of the desk. Underneath the work surface are two cabinets, one with two large drawers and the other has shelves on pull out slides, plus a center drawer spanning the space between these two. The top of the bench is made of two layers. Top layer is 3/4" melemine, below that is a layer of 3/4" particle board. Both are edged in solid red oak. This surface has removeable inserts that various reloading tools are mounted on, allowing me to change reloading setup's without having to bolt and unbolt different tools.


Above picture shows the powder measure insert in place.

On the left side of the storage cabinet are twelve drawers. All are made of pine, box joint construction with applied rabbeted fronts. Each drawer has a pair of shop built hard wood slides, and pegs mortised into each side which ride on these slides.


Pictured above right is a "measured picture" of one lower slide. Go to my full extension hardwood drawer slides page for information on how I made the slides. If you would like more info or updated pics of the slides send me an e-mail by clicking here. Sam Conder's BT3Central.com has a jig I submitted which when used to make these slides keeps your fingers out of harms way.

hooks.JPGShown above is a picture of my hook storage.

thread.JPGShown above is a picture of my thread, floss and tinsel storage.


Shown above is the inside of the cupboard to the right of the drawers. The one to the far right is the same. Both have adjustable shelf pins. The cupboard above the light is for book storage.

Underneath the light is a rolltop powder scale shelf. When I built this cabinet my dest was in the same room as my tablesaw so I needed an enclosure to keep sawdust off the scale.


Created on ... February 09, 2003

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